The Idiot Kings
Saugus, Massachusetts
artist's website

the idiot kings consist of one and only one person, despite the needless pluralization of the soul-coughing derived name. that person is me, chris brown. i also front the boston-based band ochmoneks in addition to numerous other studio projects and musical ventures.

02/21/05 play 1000 Words
06/30/04 play A Spring of Teal
09/13/04 play Are You Having Fun?
06/20/03 play So Long, Atticus
02/08/21 play Better Days
06/16/03 play Birthdays And Breakups
03/22/04 play Boarding Call
08/23/04 play Can't Take Our Love Away
12/24/07 play Credible Threat
04/12/04 play Don't Forget to Come to My House on Wednesday
04/20/04 play Gettin' All Sweaty
09/06/04 play Gift with Purchase
07/14/03 play Gonna Be Your Man
07/23/10 play Hello My Old Heart
05/28/04 play Hey Ruth
05/12/04 play Hold This For Me
06/25/21 play House Arrest
12/14/07 play Just To Be Difficult
06/07/04 play Less of You
06/06/03 play Level Best
04/16/03 play Look Good in Black
05/04/04 play Mission Accomplished
01/15/08 play Mr. Sandwich
07/21/03 play Mumbo Jumbo
03/29/04 play Nicely Toasted
03/15/05 play Our Love Violates Corporate Policy
07/09/04 play Paperback Writer
07/13/10 play Peace is Rest
05/16/03 play Red Flag
05/02/03 play Shreds
03/15/04 play Silent Pipe
05/20/04 play Snooter
05/12/03 play So Aggravating
08/25/03 play Space Cadet
06/30/03 play Sunny Again
05/30/03 play The Blue Signal
06/23/04 play The Chair We Share
04/05/04 play Third String
05/23/03 play Too Goth To Rock
10/04/04 play Tri-State Area
03/09/05 play Turn the Power On
07/16/04 play Under The Horse
07/07/03 play A Variation On Two
08/30/04 play Waiting Takes Time

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