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Sitting In The Life Boat
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how it works
Song Fight! is a free online songwriting competition.
We provide a title, you write a new song for the title and email us an MP3 by the deadline. We post the songs, listeners vote for a winner. There is no prize. See the FAQ for full details.
next week's fight
Sitting In The Life Boat
Due: Tuesday, 09/22/20 9:59am PDT

optional challenge: Stretch your vocal range
yourbandname_sitlb.mp3 sent to (full instructions)
last week's fight
Let’s Call It A Draw
Let's call it a draw between Glenn Case and Sweeney Toad feat. Banditt the Ill Alchemist! Isn't that a coincidence?
fight anniversaries
winner: Jerkatorium
We Do All The Style
winner: Guitarotica
I'm Going Away for a While
winner: Carole Cleveland Kings
Fax Machine
winner: Octothorpe
Standing In The Death Car
winner: Kissing Contest
song news
Live Fight Title: Better Luck Next Year
The "live" fight for this year's Song Fight! Live will be streamed on YouTube on Sunday the 27th. We've announced the title a bit earlier than usual to give folks some more lead time to put together their video entries. For full details, check the boards!
Song Fight! Live 2020 Night 3
Night three of our month long stream-a-thon is Saturday, September 19th! Tune in on YouTube, pre-show starts at 5pm Pacific.
Song Fight! Live 2020 Night 2
Doot the bloot if you so desire.
Song Fight! Live 2020 Night 1
We're live! Or if you see this later, click that link for the recording.
Song Fight! Live 2020 Online
We're taking Song Fight! Live online this year, all month long in September! We'll be putting on a series of live streams with prerecorded performances culminating in the live fight. Details here and hop into the thread on the boards for more info.
Song Fight! Turns 20!
June 19th marked 20 years since the start of the very first fight, "Golfpunk Drives A Cadillac", according to the date in the archive anyway. Here we are, 652 fights, 878 titles, 12492 songs later and counting, still going. Happy birthday Song Fight! Stop by the boards if you want to say happy birthday and share your Song Fight story!
Lily Plus Martin Release EP of Song Fight Entries
Fighters Lily Plus Martin have polished up their run of Song Fight entries and released them as an EP! You can check out "I Told You How Important You Would Be" by Pale Bird on BandCamp and music streaming services now!
Final Seth Gibbs (aka "Brother Machine") Album
The final works of the incredible Seth Gibbs, old school Song Fighter under the name "Brother Machine" among many others, has been released and you can find "We Are All Connected" on BandCamp. Rest in peace, Seth, you are sorely missed.
Jon Eric wins Nur Ein XV
This year's edition of the annual 8-week elimination tournament Nur Ein is over! Jon Eric defeated Cavedwellers in the final round, "Pistols At Dawn". Say "Congratulations!" on the boards!
COVID-19 Global Pandemic
Please stay safe and stay healthy and follow all your local/regional/national government guidelines and mandates. We'll be trying to offer shorter, more frequent fights for folks who want to spend more time making music. Also check the boards as the community has already started organizing side fights. For now we're going to hope Song Fight Live 2020 will still happen but we'll keep monitoring the situation and announce if there are any developments. Song love!
Submission Email Auto Reply Disabled For Now
We have temporarily disabled the automatic confirmation email. You should receive a manual confirmation of receipt of your submission for now.
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