Songfight!   Every week or so, songwriters and performers from around the world compete in the songwriting competition at, where each competitor writes, performs, records, and submits their song, each based on the same title, all within a strict timeframe which varies from a week to ten days or so.

Once a year, they get together and perform these songs live in front of an audience.

Past annual events include:
SongFight!: Hot Lunch (2001)   2001: Songfight! Live West Coast
Hot Lunch
San Francisco, CA

July 7, 2001

MC Frontalot organized this first gathering of Songfight! competitors. In addition to the good MC himself, attendees included Duboce Triangle, the Milwaukee Youth Center Choir, Jeff Fall, Frankie Big Face, John Benjamin, Ranch on Suede, Kissing Contest, and Rejected Gift. The evening was organized in a fight-by-fight format, with the audience calling out song titles they wanted to hear.
Songfight! Plain and Tall 2002   2002: Songfight! Plain and Tall
Zoetrope Theater
Lancaster, PA
June 28, 2002

Frankie Big Face stepped up to the plate to host this one. The fight format prevailed, and performances were presented by Brick Pig, Octothorpe, Frankie Big Face, John Benjamin, Hoblit, 15-16 Puzzle, Sparks, Dr. Worm, Prosthetic Johnson, and Raised by Wolves. Jeff Fal attended via submitted video, and we all took a break to watch the fireworks over Lancaster.
Song Fight Wet and Wild: 2003   2003: Songfight! Wet and Wild
Finn MacCool's Public House
Seattle, WA
July 26, 2003

Spud (of Octothorpe) pulled together the third annual event, which was attended by Frankie Big Face, 15-16 Puzzle, MC Frontalot, Octothorpe, Klownhole, Hoblit, the Suzies (who had to sit at a special table), Roymond, Pray for Mojo, fluffy porcupine, and Iggy da doot boy. Bands were provided with an opportunity to play one non-songfight song, and there was a live debut of a new fight title.
Songfight! Hot and Bothered (2004)   2004: Songfight! Hot and Bothered
Church of the Friendly Ghost
Austin, TX
June 18-19, 2004

Future Boy and Moboid hosted the Austin Show, the first two-night annual event. A record number of performers included Octothorpe, Frankie Big Face, ADD, Hoblit, Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff, 15-16Puzzle, fluffy porcupine, the John Benjamin Band, Dr. Worm, High Density/Future Boy/Moboid, The Marcus Kellis Experience, Abecedarian, Jack Shite, Charcoal, The Voice Inside Your Head, The Sober Irishman, The Landfills, MC Poncho, Brother Machine, Liechty, Wreckdom, and Glenn Case. The evening was organized around band sets, rather than fights.
Songfight! Sox and Rock (2005)   2005: Songfight! Sox and Rock
Sommerville City Club
Boston, MA
August 12-13, 2005

Ben/BZL/Charcoal put together a triple-header, with ADD, Bjam, Stueym, Boltoph, C Hack, Charcoal, fluffy porcupine, Frankie Big Face, Future Boy, Hoblit, The Idiot Kings, The John Benjamin Band, Johnsonic, Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff, The Landfills, Loyalty Day, Lunkhead, Octothorpe, Raised by Wolves, Roymond, The Sober Irishman, Starfinger, Tonetripper, TVIYH, and Jim Tyrrell. The set format from Austin was gain used to minimize stage changes.
Songfight! High and Dry (2006)   2006: Songfight! High and Dry
The Cayuga Vault
Santa Cruz, CA
August 18-19, 2006

Jack Shite pulled off two nights at the Vault, emceed by Fightmaster Sr. Spud. Who was there? Who wasn't? Jack, Spud, JB, Ken, Lunkhead, Erin, Plat, Puce, Blue, PFM, Sean, Jefff, Gleen, Rachael, fluffy, bjam, stueym, Ben, Future Boy, moboid, King Arther, Rabid, Albatross, Ken Flagg, dre, Marcus, Evil-E, Hoblit, and those lovable BeWells. I am probably missing some. How do you spell Oi Oi Oi? Caravan Ray came all the way from Australia. What a couple of nights!
Songfight! Rebels and Trebles (2007)   2007: Songfight! Rebels and Trebles
Cantina La Casita
IPS Records
East Atlanta, GA
August 16-18, 2005

JB, of the JBB invited us all to Atlanta for two nights of fun. Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff, Shaeil (from England!), The John Benjamin Band, The BeWells, and Flvxxvm Florvm were on the bill for night one, with Hoblit, Frankie Big Face, 15-16 Puzzle, Starfinger & Heuristics Inc., Andre was here at Midnight, and ADD Music filling out the bill for the second night, with most returning for a special live fight.
Coming in 2008:


The Ritz Ybor
August 15-17, 2008
Tampa, Florida

host: Hoblit

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