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Seems Like A Little Too Much
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This is formed from your band name (not including "the"), all lower case, with no spaces, an underscore, and an acronym of the title (or in the case of one word titles, the title), followed, of course, by a period and the file extension "mp3". More in the faq.

You wouldn't think we would need to say this, but use the actual title as shown and your actual band name, kapeesh?

Here's how it works. Click the names to listen, then check the boxes next to your favorites to vote for as many as you like, but at least two. Check all the good ones, don't check any of the bad ones, then press the vote! button to register all of your votes at once. One round of voting per fight per customer, please.
Seems Like A Little Too Much
Due: Monday, 02/15/16 9:59am pst

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Stevierock redlines to pull ahead of Slickitude for the win!
Boron Rod
winner: bgm
We Are Perfect In Our Dreams
winner: Jordan Seavers
She Gave Up
winner: Tiny Robots
Crack In My Heart
winner: Gert
FAWM 2016
FAWM 2016 is on! February Album Writing Month (aka FAWM) is upon us. Crank your songwriting up by not only entering a few Song Fights but also rounding out a 14.5 song album in the year's shortest month.
Song Fight! Live 2015 8/14-8/15 Portland, OR
The annual Song Fight! Live concert and meet-up was held in Portland, Oregon, on Friday, August 14th, and Saturday, August 15th. Congrats to host anti-m for winning the live fight! Many fighters came out for a good time, lots of music, and a lot of fun times. Check the boards for photos, audio, and video.
Sockpuppet: Refactor

The fourth Sockpuppet album, Refactor, is now available for preorder, to be released on EIEBC day, June 14, 2015. Buy early and buy often!
The Rockening

Rules have been published. See the board or the official website.
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