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Watching the Riot
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Watching the Riot
Due: Monday, 05/11/15 9:59am pst

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Deep Sub-Reddit
Lunkhead goes two for two, winning again with his second entry this year. Go Lunkhead go!
Down For A While
winner: Jeremy Dean
Don't Break My Heart Again, George Lucas
winner: Stephen Bellinski
Brand New Car
winner: Deshead
Scissor Kick
winner: Johnny Cashpoint
Nur Ein X
Spring has sprung and it's time yet again for the grueling eight-week elimination tournament Nur Ein, this being its tenth iteration. Click the link for the schedule and details. Who will be, Nur Ein?!
The Rockening

Rules have been published. See the board or the official website.
From Sockpuppet: Radio Ready

Sockpuppet has released a new 7-song EP entitled Radio Ready. Pay what you want, or don't.
From Jim of Seattle

I never thought I would do an Album-a-Day project, but here it is, Jim of Seattle Christmas, started one night recently, finished the next evening. Nothin' fancy, just 26 Christmas songs made to sound the way Christmas has always sounded to me, crappy audio and record scratches and all. Available free on Bandcamp.
From Milton: Gameplay

This is an Album-A-Day project: all songs on it were conceived, written, recorded and produced within one 24-hour period. That being said, it's listenable. The album consists of seven songs with silly lyrics and ear-pleasing melodies, and five instrumentals, each of varying mood. Featuring three different Casio keyboards, a melodica and a stylophone, as well as a toy drum and a book used as a drum, this album is sure to please. It's available as a pay-as-you-wish download from bandcamp.
From The HATE Noise:

The HATE Noise has just released a first-ever 'official' album. This album has been planned since about 2008. Various other projects have constantly got in the way, and three abandoned albums later, here it finally is. It is available as a pay-as-you-wish download on my bandcamp page.

Mostly recorded on cassette 4-track, it's a 16-track collection (pared down from 40 potential songs) influenced equally by Guided By Voices, 60's surf music and The Cure. Oh, and Curtis Mayfield. I play everything from drums to clarinet, with a few guest appearances by The HATE Noise crew. Songfighters will recognize a few of these tracks for sure...RIYL: Getting high and crashing your car into a beachside cafe in the year 1985.
From Snappy & Floyd:

Art rap collective Snappy & Floyd have digitally released their debut full-length mixtape, Enter the Floyd, through their own labels Hay Ghey and Fresh New Hat, available via Bandcamp. It includes two SONG FIGHT! songs and two NUR EIN! songs. Not necessarily recommended for a single continuous listening. Conveniently divided into two acts, consisting of ten tracks each. Free download without the option to pay.
From Jim of Seattle:

The first ever and possibly only ever Jim of Seattle album is finally out and available for sale! "We Are All Famous" can now be purchased on Green Monkey Records, through CD Baby, physical mailing, download, etc.

The album contains 17 songs of wildly diverse styles. Half of these are Song Fight entries re-recorded or re-imagined. All in all it represents 30 years of songwriting history, though the albums was completely re-recorded this past year.

You can also listen to the entire thing for free here, guaranteed good.
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