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Due: Thursday, 08/04/16 9:59am PDT

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It Made Sense At The Time
If it made sense for you to vote for The Tarantists at the time, you've been vindicated. They just got their first win!
Circle Me
winner: Scott Gesser
Switch Hitter
winner: Bjam
winner: Those Meddling Kids
No Relation
winner: The Seamus Collective
Give It To Me
winner: Melvin
Blank Stare
winner: Seamus
For The Time Being
winner: The Seamus Collective
It's Just Not Right
winner: The Seamus Collective
Gone Phishing
winner: The Seamus Collective
High Time
winner: Hostess Mostess
Terror In Tiny Town
winner: WreckdoM
Exclamation Point
winner: Starfinger
Song Fight! Live 2016 7/16-7/17 New York, NY
Another Song Fight! Live is in the books. Song Fighters from around the globe gathered in New York on Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of July to rock out and fight with songs, live! Check the boards for the details.
Raised By Wolves Hxaro
In support of classic fighter Raised By Wolves, Glenn Case headed up a hxaro, a tribute to a fighter made up of covers of their songs. Listen to the covers on SoundCloud. Song Fight! <3 RxW!
Circle of Titles VI
Generic is currently organizing another "Circle of Titles" side fight. Check out the thread on the boards for the details.
Nur Ein XI is Over!
A new Nur Ein has been crowned: bgm! Check out the final round songs from bgm and Grumpy Mike, and all the many other great songs from this year's tournament.
Cover Fight: Original Flava
We did another "Original Flava" coverfight for the first time in a while. Check out the covers over on the forums.
Turn and Face the Strange: A David Bowie Tribute
RIP David Bowie. We remember you.
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