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Due: Monday, 08/13/18 9:59am PDT

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The Strong Button
Vowl Sounds take the win with a strong showing of fans pushing the "vote" button.
five years ago
Royal Baby
winner: My Social Uniform
ten years ago
Mediocre Savior
winner: Berkeley Social Scene
fifteen years ago
Bad Attraction
winner: Brad Sucks
song news
Song Fight! Live 2018 Location and Dates!
It's confirmed! This year's annual meetup and live concert will be in Denver, Colorado on August 10th and 11th. Head to the boards for more updates. Venue details and Facebook events have been posted. Come on out, it's going to be a blast!
Mandibles at Sidewalk Cafe NYC 8/19
Nur Ein contestant Mandibles bring "their unique blend of AM radio balladry, heavy metal, and tin pan alley" to the Sidewalk Cafe in NYC at 4:45PM on Sunday the 19th of August. Full details on the boards.
Song Fight! Turns 18!
Very long time fighter fluffy pointed out that 19th June 2018 was Song Fight's 18th birthday. Wow! We don't have a celebration planned but if you'd like to comment on this occasion and the role Song Fight has played in your life head over to the boards or Facebook.
Nur Ein XIII Results: Merisan wins!
There is a new Nur Ein champion and this time it's Merisan! They defeated newcomer Vom Vorton by a single vote in a photo finish final round. This is Merisan's seventh attempt, third time making the finals, second time actually getting a song in for the final round, and first win. Read all about it on the boards.
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