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Beat the Heat
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You wouldn't think we would need to say this, but use the actual title as shown and your actual band name, kapeesh?

Here's how it works. Click the names to listen, then check the boxes next to your favorites to vote for as many as you like, but at least two. Check all the good ones, don't check any of the bad ones, then press the vote! button to register all of your votes at once. One round of voting per fight per customer, please.
Beat the Heat
Due: Sunday, 08/09/15 9:59am pst

mp3 with artist name sent to (tips)
No Rush
Cookie Blue was in no rush to rack up a second win, well ahead of second place Tuners Union.
Hardly a Moment
winner: Jon Eric ft. Manhattan Glutton
Hooker Pumps
winner: Donut Disturb
Method of Delivery
winner: Boltoph
Song Fight! Live 2015 8/14-8/15 Portland, OR
The annual Song Fight! Live concert and meet-up will be held this year in Portland, Oregon, on Friday, August 14th, and Saturday, August 15th. Come on out for a good time, lots of music, and a lot of fine fun folks you can meet live and in person. Don't worry, we won't bite. :) Check the boards for details.
Sockpuppet: Refactor

The fourth Sockpuppet album, Refactor, is now available for preorder, to be released on EIEBC day, June 14, 2015. Buy early and buy often!
Nur Ein X
Spring has sprung and another edition of the grueling eight-week elimination tournament Nur Ein has drawn to a close. Congratulations to this year's Nur Ein, Nick Soma! (Wait, who?!)
The Rockening

Rules have been published. See the board or the official website.
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