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Teenage Boomers
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You wouldn't think we would need to say this, but use the actual title as shown and your actual band name, kapeesh?

Here's how it works. Click the names to listen, then check the boxes next to your favorites to vote for as many as you like, but at least two. Check all the good ones, don't check any of the bad ones, then press the vote! button to register all of your votes at once. One round of voting per fight per customer, please.
how it works
Song Fight! is a free online songwriting competition.
We provide a title, you write a new song for the title and email us an MP3 by the deadline. We post the songs, listeners vote for a winner. There is no prize. See the FAQ for full details.
next week's fight
Teenage Boomers
Due: Tuesday, 10/11/22 9:59am PDT

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last week's fight
You Changed My Mind
Yaks of the Industry changed their minds about not winning this one, apparently.
fight anniversaries
Zero Gravity
winner: Micah Sommersmith
We Sound Like Each Other
winner: John and Ken and Sam
My Darling Ruin
winner: Add
Two Bucks and I'm Yours
winner: Everybody Likes Hats
song news
Song Fight! Live Online 2022 - Oct 8 2022 9PM EDT!
sleepysilverdoor has stepped up to organize Song Fight! Live Online 2022 on the 8th of October at 9PM EDT! For those who didn't experience it the last two years, Song Fight! Live online happens on the Song Fight! YouTube channel and features music videos and performance videos and even a "live fight". Check out the thread on the boards for more details.
Rest in peace, Blue Lang
Blue Lang, a pillar of the Song Fight community in the '00s, passed away recently. Share your memories here, pay tribute here, and check out the songs for the inaugural "sonofgearfight". We'll miss you, Blue!
Final Seth Gibbs (aka "Brother Machine") Album
The final works of the incredible Seth Gibbs, old school Song Fighter under the name "Brother Machine" among many others, has been released and you can find "We Are All Connected" on BandCamp. Rest in peace, Seth, you are sorely missed.
COVID-19 Global Pandemic
Please stay safe and stay healthy out there. Song love!
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