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I Don't Like Crowds
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I Don't Like Crowds
Due: Saturday, 11/18/17 9:59am PST

optional challenge: Nonsense syllable backup vocals
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last week's fight
Jerkatorium feat. Micah Sommersmith sweep the competition clean with the flames of their glorious collaboration.
five years ago
Should Be Fun
winner: Sober
ten years ago
And Counting
winner: Dan Plus Add (no relation)
fifteen years ago
I Was Only Joking
winner: Raised By Wolves
song news
RIP Malcom Young
Guitarist and co-founder of AC/DC, Malcom Young passed at 64.
RIP Chuck Mosley
Chuck Mosley, Former Faith No More Singer, Dead at 57
RIP To Many Other Artists This Year
It's been a pretty rough year. Rest in peace Gord Downie, Walter Becker, Fats Domino, Chester Bennington, George Young, and others.
Song Fight! Live 2017 Berkeley, CA September 15-16
This year's annual two-night live concert and meetup was held September 15th and 16th in Berkeley, California! We rocked out at The Starry Plough. Check out the archives of the live video broadcasts on Facebook!
RIP Charles Bradley
Another late blooming amazing soul singer from Daptones Records passes from cancer.
RIP Glen Campbell
Rhinestone cowboy and hugely talented and influential musician passes at 81.
Micah Sommersmith "THE BOTTLENECK and other stories"
Check out Micah's record THE BOTTLENECK and other stories on Bandcamp!
Brad Sucks, First Ever Vinyl Release
Occasional Song Fighter and Internet famous Brad Sucks will be pressing vinyl for his fans for the first time ever! He plans to put a compilation of well liked favorites from his career (not including any of his Song Fight entries though). Pre order info at the linked public Facebook post.
RIP Gregg Allman
Southern rock pioneer dead at 69.
RIP Chris Cornell
Chris Cornell dead at 52 in apparent suicide, just hours after performing with Soundgarden in Detroit. He was one of the great rock singers of the last few decades, and helped drive the grunge rock wave to the top of the charts with Soundgarden in the '90s.
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