Vom Vorton

07/06/17 play There Was Lasers
07/17/17 play Oh No, Vertigo!
07/27/17 play We Visited A Forest Full Of Graves winner
08/27/17 play Kiss It All Goodbye winner
10/14/17 play Zero Gravity
10/24/17 play Darling, You're Strange
11/18/17 play Foxglove
11/30/17 play I Don't Like Crowds
12/11/17 play Sacred Coward
12/22/17 play Toll of the Inferno
02/07/18 play Until It Happens To You
02/17/18 play Dot Dot Dot
02/28/18 play X-Ray Specs
03/14/18 play Gamma-Ray Burst

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14 entries, 2 wins = 14.29 percent.