State Shirt
Los Angeles, CA
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Songfight makes State Shirt make music.

04/24/01 play 120 MPH
06/30/04 play A Spring of Teal winner
09/02/03 play Accelerator
08/06/07 play Anomaly
08/12/02 play Back To The Airplanes winner
12/23/14 play Battle Cry winner
05/01/14 play Bitter Monday winner
02/13/06 play Bitter Orange winner
03/25/01 play Black Hole
03/26/03 play Cancer
05/23/05 play Courage
01/06/10 play Crush
01/12/04 play Direct to Helmet
08/30/02 play Driveway Seed
01/06/16 play Fearless Love winner
01/24/05 play Fell Out of the Sky winner
01/06/06 play Five Nights in Britain
12/24/09 play Frostbite
07/14/03 play Gonna Be Your Man
12/10/14 play Grim Reality
05/28/04 play Hey Ruth
09/18/01 play Highway
02/25/02 play Hotel
05/16/09 play I Am A Target
11/27/12 play I Blame You Entirely winner
06/20/01 play I Can See You
07/21/05 play I Hate You
02/20/06 play I Like to Pretend
10/23/01 play It's A Shame My Binoculars Don't Work At Night
01/18/10 play Keep All Your Promises
06/07/04 play Less of You
02/08/10 play Let's Get Bloody
04/10/02 play Stuck Down A Mineshaft
10/19/04 play Nearly Burned the House Down winner
04/30/01 play New Planet
11/02/11 play Occupy My Heart
03/18/01 play On A Line
07/12/07 play Ottoman
02/28/06 play Oversleeping
07/13/10 play Peace is Rest
02/18/10 play Please Stop
06/10/02 play Postcard
03/17/10 play Robot Ninja Zombie Bear
04/02/01 play Run Free
07/27/07 play So Weird
08/25/03 play Space Cadet
04/02/03 play Straw Man winner
04/17/01 play Stronger Than
01/28/10 play The Road to Hana
01/05/15 play Three Stars winner
08/30/16 play Turn Off Your TV winner
03/08/04 play Upcoming Downtime
07/07/03 play A Variation On Two

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53 entries, 12 wins = 22.64 percent.

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