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Sockpuppet: 1.n. A puppet made from a sock or similar garment. 2.n. (Internet) An alternate identity used by someone in order to appear as if they are someone else. 3.v. To maintain one or more such alternate identities.

Fictional music by fictional people for fictional times.

05/10/06 play Bad Cat
08/25/06 play All Tan
02/28/07 play tw3rp
10/15/07 play Baby, Be Quiet winner
10/26/07 play Night Terrors
11/23/07 play And Counting
10/01/08 play Everybody Calm Down
04/27/09 play Sorry to Inform you winner
07/20/09 play They Meet
09/11/09 play Sometimes It's Hard to Keep Yourself Moving
03/02/10 play Double Take
07/23/10 play Hello My Old Heart
08/05/10 play Hardly a Moment
09/30/10 play You Believed it Yourself
10/29/10 play After Hours
01/08/11 play Looking At The Sea
06/15/11 play Isle Dauphine
07/14/11 play Ruthless Lately
12/23/11 play Better Than Before
07/20/12 play Strictly Speaking
09/07/12 play No Brakes
04/16/14 play Strangers
05/01/14 play Bitter Monday
08/22/14 play The Joke
09/02/15 play Don't Come Here To Live
11/12/15 play Day of the Dead
12/23/15 play Meat Grinder
08/04/16 play Good Luck Charm
06/21/19 play Freak Flag
08/17/19 play The Supper Club
11/29/19 play Try Me
07/03/20 play Golfpunk Rides Again winner
10/11/20 play Better Luck Next Year
05/03/21 play A Long Plastic Hallway
09/15/21 play Behind a Mask
07/15/22 play Material Change

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