fluffy porcupine
New York, New York
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Previously hailing from Las Cruces, NM, fluffy porcupine now wreaks havoc (or, as some would have it, merely reeks) from a secret enclave in New York City. fluffy porcupine is fronted by the enigmatic fluffy, who is not a porcupine. Styles vary from folk electronica to acid emo industrial punk, with a few heaping tablespoons of J-pop and 80s butt-rock thrown in for good measure. And yet, all fluffy wants is to be loved.

01/29/01 play I LOVE YOU
02/17/01 play Repair My Heart
03/12/01 play Shipwreck
04/17/01 play Stronger Than
04/24/01 play 120 MPH
05/16/01 play Listen Close
05/28/01 play Been To China
06/05/01 play A Thousand Swords
07/27/01 play Birds Of Our Own
09/06/01 play Alright Alright
10/30/01 play Acid Mouth
12/19/01 play Husky Youth
03/04/03 play Fool In The Middle
03/12/03 play I Think It's Killing Me
05/12/03 play So Aggravating
05/12/03 play So Aggravating
05/12/03 play So Aggravating
06/30/03 play Sunny Again
11/10/03 play Violet Wants It Her Way
11/25/03 play House In My Head
12/12/03 play Put Cindy Back On The Bus
01/23/04 play Brown Boxes
02/13/04 play Moscow, Idaho
05/20/04 play Paper Cuts and Spilling Guts
08/06/04 play Five Minutes
12/31/04 play Run Faster

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