Poor June
Walkertown, NC
"Ok, you people NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS. you have a great voice (masculine but smooth... the similar to the voice I'd love to hear whispering in my ear in the middle of the night) ;) But even before he uttered a word I was seriously impressed by his guitar playing. Well done, sir!"-Marks on his Soul (of Subkultures)

09/06/04 play As Icons of my Youth Fall Silent
02/27/04 play Between The Rain
12/20/04 play Block City
03/22/04 play Boarding Call
06/14/04 play Cellar Door
11/15/04 play Dark All Day
03/15/05 play Devils Live In A Quiet Pond
03/25/05 play Everybody Now
09/20/04 play From This Day On
03/15/04 play Here Comes My Dragon
09/13/04 play Hero Points
01/10/05 play Hope You're Okay
10/19/04 play I Thought I Loved You
02/27/04 play I Want To Get Better
01/17/05 play I Wish I Was So Sure
03/29/04 play Lavender Splendor
10/25/04 play Moon Shine
04/15/05 play Nothing Less Than Everything
04/20/04 play The Puppet's Dream
12/03/04 play Red Skates
12/31/04 play Run Faster
06/23/04 play Sincerity Machine
04/05/04 play The Spirit World
10/04/04 play Tri-State Area
03/08/04 play Upcoming Downtime
11/25/04 play Zero 2 Phantom

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