Marcus Kellis
Jerome, Idaho
artist's website

Marcus Kellis is some punk kid from Idaho that mostly makes songs with his guitar.

04/02/03 play Straw Man
04/16/03 play Look Good in Black
04/24/03 play Why Are You Making Me Kick You Out?
05/02/03 play Shreds
05/12/03 play So Aggravating
05/16/03 play Red Flag
06/16/03 play Birthdays And Breakups
07/07/03 play A Variation On Two
07/14/03 play Gonna Be Your Man
07/21/03 play Mumbo Jumbo
11/10/03 play Twenty One
02/13/04 play Moscow, Idaho
06/07/04 play Fear is Free
08/30/04 play Waiting Takes Time
03/25/05 play Let's Go Boy
09/28/05 play Prayer for Pancakes winner
02/20/06 play I Like to Pretend
08/16/13 play Come and Take It

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