Berkeley, CA
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Lunkhead is a guitarist and wannabe singer/songwriter currently living and rocking in Berkeley, CA. While not performing solo much he can be found collaborating with many other fighters. He also enjoys writing songs for other peoples' lyrics, and covering other peoples' songs.

01/18/21 play A 9/11 Every Day
02/08/21 play Better Days
01/23/04 play Brown Boxes
09/15/06 play Control Yourself
11/12/15 play Day of the Dead
04/19/15 play Deep Sub-Reddit winner
12/02/03 play Dirty Chucks
11/17/03 play Feathers
03/15/04 play Here Comes My Dragon
10/28/03 play Hold My Calls
11/25/03 play I Don't Believe You
01/29/21 play I’m Covered In It Now
08/21/12 play 39 + 1 = JB
06/07/04 play Less of You
11/03/03 play More Than Soup
02/01/17 play Oh My Soul winner
09/30/17 play The People's Republic winner
12/12/03 play Soft Orange Glow
01/30/04 play Spalding Gray Is Missing
08/26/18 play Square States
10/21/03 play Stand In The Circle
02/09/15 play Stay in Your Lane winner
08/22/14 play The Joke
11/10/03 play Violet Wants It Her Way
10/14/18 play Yes, You're A Robot winner

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