Jeff DeSantis

12/24/09 play Frostbite
05/14/10 play What Kind of Love Are You Looking For
01/08/11 play Looking At The Sea
01/06/14 play The Quiet Storm
02/01/14 play I Take That Back
05/01/14 play Bitter Monday
09/23/14 play September
01/20/16 play Drop In The Bucket
02/15/16 play Bottle Neck
02/29/16 play Seems Like A Little Too Much
09/10/16 play Good Faith
01/07/17 play Dad Joke
03/12/17 play Ace in the Hole
04/25/17 play Ocean of Blood
10/24/17 play Darling, You're Strange winner
10/25/19 play I Used To Know You Better
07/03/20 play Golfpunk Rides Again
07/16/20 play I Had it Coming
09/12/20 play Let’s Call It A Draw
01/29/21 play I’m Covered In It Now
03/22/21 play Go Between
04/02/21 play Break the Bank
04/12/21 play Miss Lovely Eyes
04/23/21 play I’d Rather Drink With The Devil
05/03/21 play A Long Plastic Hallway
07/19/21 play We Did Everything We Could winner
09/02/21 play Marked Man
09/15/21 play Behind a Mask
01/17/22 play Brace Yourself
02/23/23 play Strong Coffee
08/16/23 play Not My Vibe
09/20/23 play Everything Must Go
02/11/24 play Blood and Fire
03/14/24 play Love Magic

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