The goal is to put together the best Song Fight! Super Band, consisting of one band member from each card in your hand at the end of the game.

For 3 or more players, each with their own set of Song Fight! The Rockening Trading Cards.

These rules have been designed in such a way as to not mix cards between owners, but also to encourage trading. Each player plays from their own deck, but is allowed to make permanent trades in order to enhance their hand.

1. Each player draws three random cards from their own deck. Players can look at their own cards, but should not show them to others.

2. Next, all players draw a fourth card from their deck. The player whose card has the highest winning percentage goes first. In the case of a tie, the tying players draw again, until winner is found. All cards drawn in this cycle are put aside for this game and may not be played.

3. On his or her turn, a player draws one card from their own deck. The player may now do any or all of the following:

A. Keep the card in their hand. However, the player may never end a play with more than five cards in their hand. .

B. Offer a card in their hand up for trade. They must show the card. Other players may make any offer, i.e. one or more known cards from their hand, one or emore random cards from their deck, an offer to mix or play on the other player's next song, beer, cash, etc.

The active player may choose one offer or decline all, but all trades are binding, and any cards that change hands become the personal property of the players now holding them.

C. Optionally discard one card from their hand to their personal discard pile. If, through trading or other means, the player would end the turn with more than five cards, additional cards may be discarded to bring the number to five. This ends the player's turn, and the play passes to the next player to the right.

D. If the total number of fights entered by all of the bands in the player's hand equals 100 or more, they may opt to trigger the end of the game by calling "Deadline!".

4. After the deadline has been called, the rest of the players each have one more play to finalize their band. This is a good time to dump any weak players or that second bass player. Remember though, you can only discard one card per play, so be careful about hanging onto your cards too long.

5. After the final round, each player, starting with the player who called the deadline, shows their hand and indicates who from each card is in their band, what that person's role is in the band, i.e., drummer, and pitches the rest of the players on why their band is the best.

6. In the spirit of Song Fight!, the winner is declared by a vote of the players. Each player gets one vote, but unlike in Song Fight!, they cannot vote for themselves.

7. In the event of a tie, there is a runoff vote among the tied bands only, with all players voting.

8. In the event that the runoff vote does not produce a winner, the tied played each play one more hand, followed by a vote of all players. During this round, trades may still be made among all of the players, even if they are not in the play off. Repeat until a winner is declared.

9. Optionally, the players may agree in advance on the type of band they are competing to create, i.e., best Beatles cover band, best folk trio, best jam-band, etc. This agreement may also limit the number of people in the band to less than five, in which case players may discard more than one card in the final round only.