Total Request Cover Fight
November, 2006
Fight Website
People signed up, then they made list of all the other participants, specifiying which song of theirs they would like this other participant to cover. Matchups were made by Ken, the organizer, and covers were posted. In addition to the semi-official covers created in this fight, many additional covers were created and posted on the boards.
I Know My Rights by Caravan Ray
The John Benjamin Band

Fight The Sea by Heuristics Inc.
Caravan Ray

For The Time Being by Paco Del Stinko
Heuristics Inc.

Butterfly Massacre by Flvxxvm Florvm
Paco Del Stinko

Please Don't Call Me Ken by Starfinger
Flvxxvm Florvm

Rate of Decay by Jolly Roger

Funny Enough For You by 15-16 Puzzle
Jolly Roger

Baseball vs. Opera by Ross Durand

Bullseye Girl by Feldspar
Ross Durand

Zero 2 Phantom by & the Delicate Flowers

Can't Take Our Love Away by Dan-O from Five-O

Hold My Calls by Lunkhead
Jim Tyrrell

All Tan by Steve Durand
Cynthia Size and the @eclectic spOOns

Don't You by Bjam
Steve Durand

WTF (While They Fade) by Niveous
Jim of Seattle

Firebomb by Sausage Boy

Let It Be by Chuck The Bear
Sausage Boy

Glenn Case by The Cow Exchange
Ain't Getting Any

Here Comes My Dragon by Rabid Garfunkel
The Cow Exchange (Plat)

Not Exactly Normal by WreckdoM
Primitive Screwheads

Space Cadet by Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff

Short Life by Andre Was Here At Midnight
Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff

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