Suave Noise Youth
Lobamba, Swaziland
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The "Dirt Cheap Collective", SNY was a gathering of musicians who wanted to experiment and collaborate in new ways. The band consisted of MC Menasor, Howard the Human, Bucko, Amateur Drunken Samurai, Threepac Bastard, Skinny Pete, Blondeshell, Tendril Menudo Jr., Dopplegang$ta, DH Hussy, Insane Prophet, Trilobite TK, Excessive Desperado and Heather the Boy Chicken.

03/08/04 play Blueberry Hassle
05/12/04 play Twelve Monkeys
05/12/04 play There Are So Many Possibilities
05/12/04 play Hold This For Me
08/16/04 play Gin or Ginseng

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