Sausage Boy
South Australia
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If Ween and Primus had a child, and it was Australian and not very good, Sausage Boy would be it. However, this doesn't seem likely, so nobody knows who to blame for Sausage Boy. But I bet your tax dollars are involved somehow.

05/20/04 play A Promise is a Promise
10/13/03 play Angry All Over
07/30/04 play Baba Ganoush
10/15/07 play Baby, Be Quiet
10/06/03 play Bullseye Girl
09/13/04 play Cur
12/02/03 play Dirty Chucks
01/23/04 play Fire Bomb
09/02/05 play God Hates Penguins
08/01/05 play Hooker Pumps
07/07/06 play Influential Film
03/09/05 play Man Speaking German
08/06/04 play Minister and Man
02/20/04 play Red Zero
03/09/05 play Tank Top
11/03/03 play Toronto Star
02/14/05 play We Are All Famous
10/25/05 play Welcome to ______

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