Ryan Rickenbach
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I'm just a student who likes to write/record music in his spare time. I suggest listening to anything from "Come A Hellin'" on. Everything before that is not too good. I've already released a first album which sucked, but I'm working on a second one that will be much better.

Some of my major influences are The Beatles, Elliott Smith, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Neil Young.

Thanks for listening!

04/30/06 play A Tear winner
08/22/05 play Come a Hellin'
01/20/06 play Don't Think I Don't Miss You
06/07/04 play Fear is Free
12/12/06 play Georgia's Hand
11/01/04 play Half a Stone
06/21/05 play Happy Life
08/20/12 play Hatchet
05/30/05 play I'm Not Impressed
06/30/04 play In Full Effect
11/18/05 play Leaf Blower
06/21/05 play Sad Life
06/06/05 play Satisfaction
04/21/06 play Shoot For Tuesday
06/21/05 play Short Life
05/28/04 play So Kind Stacey
06/14/04 play Thanks for Coming
06/23/04 play The Chair We Share
07/16/04 play Under The Horse
11/28/05 play We All Need Love
06/13/05 play What's in it for Me?

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