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Pompeii love you long time...

09/26/03 play Happy Machine Ankle
10/21/03 play Stand In The Circle
10/28/03 play Driving
11/03/03 play More Than Soup
11/17/03 play Please Don't Call Me Ken
11/25/03 play I Don't Believe You winner
01/23/04 play Brown Boxes
03/08/04 play Lizard Wizard winner
03/22/04 play Danger Bus
04/20/04 play Gettin' All Sweaty
05/04/04 play Talk About Your Feelings winner
05/12/04 play Twelve Monkeys
05/20/04 play A Promise is a Promise
05/28/04 play So Kind Stacey winner
06/07/04 play Say the Word
09/06/04 play Big Disco
01/31/05 play Glass Eye
10/14/05 play Dead Nose winner
10/25/06 play Plastic Rose winner
01/19/08 play They Control the Weather winner
05/30/08 play How Beautiful She Is winner

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21 entries, 8 wins = 38.1 percent.