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08/17/17 play Before The Music Is Over
07/18/18 play Major Arcana winner
02/15/19 play My Favorite Monster winner
02/26/19 play Walk Steady winner
05/20/19 play Bend the Knee
07/15/19 play Tumbleweed
08/17/19 play The Supper Club
09/21/19 play Liquid Starshine
10/25/19 play I Used To Know You Better
11/10/19 play Right Town, Wrong Address
12/09/19 play Skeleton Key
01/02/20 play The Password Is ______ winner
01/14/20 play Checkered Past
01/25/20 play Something's Wrong winner
02/04/20 play The Dregs
02/14/20 play Liberty Street winner
02/27/20 play Peak Misery winner
10/11/20 play Better Luck Next Year winner
11/03/20 play Eyes in the Dark
01/07/21 play Another Mystery Solved
02/18/21 play The White Morph winner
09/15/21 play Behind a Mask winner
02/21/22 play Strike Me Down winner
03/03/22 play Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog

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24 entries, 11 wins = 45.83 percent.