Manhattan Glutton

10/29/08 play A Scary Thing
03/26/09 play Back From Juvie winner
08/31/09 play Back to the Well
02/09/11 play Boron Rod
08/16/13 play Come and Take It
01/06/10 play Crush
05/05/09 play Fortune Cookie
11/17/10 play Future on the Road
07/02/10 play Hard Landing winner
05/30/05 play High Enough
05/29/06 play In the Van
06/15/11 play Isle Dauphine winner
01/18/10 play Keep All Your Promises
01/28/09 play Love Me a Little Bit More
09/21/09 play Made to be Played
10/15/09 play Monkeys on my Back
05/16/05 play One Beautiful Summer
07/13/10 play Peace is Rest
02/11/12 play Right There At The Edge winner
05/23/05 play Season Finale
02/06/06 play She Gave Up
04/16/09 play Sold Out
04/27/09 play Sorry to Inform you
07/20/12 play Strictly Speaking
11/29/11 play That's Enough
08/22/14 play The Joke
03/14/09 play Thinkin' about the Old Days
01/20/06 play Too Far Away
02/07/05 play The Truth About Aspartame
02/14/05 play We Are All Famous
02/20/09 play We Keep Them Alive
08/08/11 play You Are the Heartbeat of This Office For Sure winner

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32 entries, 5 wins = 15.63 percent.