Luke Henley
Tucson, Arizona
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I listen to a lot of Leonard Cohen and Howe Gelb and Big Black and Mike Patton and John Coltrane and John Zorn and the Vaselines and New Order and the screams of my victims, and this is what comes of it.

12/13/04 play Wrath Of God
12/20/04 play Block City
01/24/05 play Ninja Gang
01/31/05 play Glass Eye
02/07/05 play Prep School
02/21/05 play 1000 Words
03/15/05 play Me the Merciless
03/25/05 play Pig Sticker
04/01/05 play Hiss and Hearse
04/08/05 play Ancient
04/15/05 play Die For Me
05/02/05 play Brand New Car
05/09/05 play Get Me Back
05/23/05 play Courage
06/06/05 play Crossroads
06/21/05 play Happy Life
07/05/05 play Red Tide
07/13/05 play Twin Kiss
09/09/05 play Save New Orleans
09/28/05 play Prayer for Pancakes winner
10/25/05 play Welcome to ______
11/11/05 play Left At The Mortuary
11/18/05 play Leaf Blower
11/28/05 play Other Places I Have Lived
12/09/05 play Fresh Dog
12/16/05 play Iron Goddess of Mercy
12/23/05 play We Have the Technology
01/06/06 play Stone Palace
01/20/06 play Too Far Away
02/20/06 play S____ Rock winner
03/24/06 play I'm Warning You
04/03/06 play Up All Night
05/10/06 play Bad Cat
06/26/06 play Kim Deal
11/03/06 play Robot Baby
11/22/06 play Livin' At The Corner Of Dude And Catastrophe
03/30/07 play King Me
04/23/07 play Clause 5, Sub-Paragraph d)
05/11/07 play Ran Away to Paris
10/01/09 play Ring them Bells

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