Level Nivelo
Spanish Harlem, NY
Level Nivelo is a pioneer in the genre of baroque homo-pop. The music has been called everything from "very catchy" to "really catchy" to "god damn it, this is the song that will be stuck in my head for the next week and a half!".

07/09/04 play A Day in the Life
05/28/04 play Adam & Steve
12/06/13 play Art Bomb
07/30/04 play Baba Ganoush
09/06/04 play Big Disco
12/20/04 play Block City
03/08/04 play Blueberry Hassle
06/14/04 play Cellar Door
08/16/04 play Chainsaw
08/30/04 play Cold Sweat
05/10/06 play Covered in Bugs
03/22/04 play Danger Bus
04/20/04 play Dinga Da Donga
04/12/04 play Don't Forget to Come to My House on Wednesday
10/19/04 play I Thought I Loved You
02/27/04 play I Want To Get Better
05/29/06 play In the Van
11/01/04 play Left/Right
02/13/04 play Moscow, Idaho
01/15/08 play Mr. Sandwich
10/04/07 play My Darling Ruin
08/23/04 play Por Favor
06/07/04 play Say the Word
06/23/04 play Sincerity Machine
06/06/07 play The Sugar Shaker
02/20/04 play That's Not What I Need
12/31/04 play The Pawnbroker's Stepdaughter
01/10/05 play Things To Do In New York
02/06/06 play We Are Perfect In Our Dreams
12/13/04 play Wrath Of God
04/05/04 play Zombie Son

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