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Kamakura is a loose songwriting and performance collective formed late in the last century.

When asked 'Why Kamakura?' The answer is seldom the same, though at the time kimono's were all the rage in and around St. Leonards.

07/09/04 play A Day in the Life
06/30/04 play A Spring of Teal
09/06/04 play As Icons of my Youth Fall Silent
06/14/04 play Cellar Door
08/30/04 play Cold Sweat
05/23/05 play Courage
03/15/05 play Devils Live In A Quiet Pond
02/20/06 play The Elements of Style
06/07/04 play Fear is Free
02/28/05 play God Will Give You Blood to Drink
08/06/04 play The Gutter
09/13/04 play Hero Points
05/28/04 play Hey Ruth
02/14/05 play Hollywood Fantasy
05/09/05 play I Meant to Remember
08/23/04 play I'm With Steve Now
07/16/04 play Keep In Touch
07/21/05 play Obey All The Laws
07/29/05 play One Less
12/03/04 play Piece of My Heat
07/13/05 play Pink Skirt
04/20/04 play The Puppet's Dream
06/23/04 play Sincerity Machine
04/27/04 play Take a Pill
05/04/04 play Talk About Your Feelings
12/31/04 play The Pawnbroker's Stepdaughter
01/31/05 play When it Snowed

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