Jute Gyte
Noel, MO / Kirksville, MO
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Jute Gyte works with the genres of extreme metal, experimental electronica, and noise. Enjoy.

09/26/03 play Happy Machine Ankle
10/06/03 play Bullseye Girl
10/13/03 play Field Day
10/21/03 play Foam Rubber
10/28/03 play Driving
11/03/03 play Toronto Star
11/10/03 play Violet Wants It Her Way
11/17/03 play Feathers
12/12/03 play Soft Orange Glow
01/23/04 play Fire Bomb
08/23/04 play Can't Take Our Love Away
06/06/05 play Satisfaction
06/13/05 play Policy of Rape
06/21/05 play Happy Life
07/05/05 play Bioluminescence
05/29/06 play Saint Gratus
06/09/06 play Stairway to the Moon

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