Jolly Roger
Calgary, AB, Canada
Jolly Roger is a constant work in progress with a wide range of influences and musical styles. Not like he can play anything he likes, but check back in a year or two, and he'll be awesome.

02/06/06 play Crack In My Heart
02/13/06 play Bitter Orange
02/28/06 play Not Exactly Normal
03/08/06 play Clouds Were Touching the Ground
04/14/06 play Sufficiently Intoxicated
04/21/06 play Peppermint Patty
04/30/06 play Rate of Decay
05/29/06 play Saving Throw
06/09/06 play Stairway to the Moon
07/07/06 play Influential Film
07/28/06 play Blank Stare
07/28/06 play Terror In Tiny Town
09/04/06 play Ignorance Is Bliss
09/27/06 play You Get The Wiser
12/01/06 play Glutton
12/29/06 play It Belongs To Me winner
02/01/07 play Convalescence
03/16/07 play Gray Rainbow
05/02/07 play Evil April
07/12/07 play Ottoman
04/16/09 play Sold Out

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