Jim of Seattle
Seattle, WA
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Post-modern lounge novelty theatre music

07/14/03 play Gonna Be Your Man
07/28/03 play Unless I Change My Mind winner
09/02/03 play Accelerator
09/12/03 play Thunder Storm
10/28/03 play Hold My Calls
12/19/03 play Merry Christmas
01/23/04 play Brown Boxes
04/12/04 play She's On My Mind
08/16/04 play Gin or Ginseng
11/25/04 play ABCD Puppies winner
03/09/05 play Man Speaking German
10/25/05 play Welcome to ______ winner
04/21/06 play Peppermint Patty winner
09/15/06 play Control Yourself
02/12/07 play Get A Life
03/21/08 play Punctuation Island winner
04/16/11 play Cloud-Cuckoo-Land
01/09/12 play A Conversation
02/12/13 play Starting A Witch Hunt
02/26/13 play Dodged a Bullet
04/04/13 play Commitment and Sacrifice
12/19/19 play Secret Handshake
12/08/23 play Wheels On Ice winner
12/19/23 play I Won’t Let You Go
12/29/23 play When The Drugs Kick In
01/10/24 play Hazy Holidays

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26 entries, 6 wins = 23.08 percent.

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