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Jerkatorium is an online musical collaboration between Mr. Jerky McJerkface and Mr. Chumpy Wumpikins. Our interests include CRUSHING IT, and putting up and/or shutting up. We love The Dickies and TMBG.

06/06/15 play Hope You're Having A Nice Time In Jamaica winner
03/12/17 play Ace in the Hole winner
03/12/16 play Adele in the Car winner
10/24/18 play Blue Woman Yes
06/19/16 play Change Is Coming
11/12/15 play Day of the Dead winner
04/19/15 play Deep Sub-Reddit
09/13/15 play Deterioration winner
11/30/16 play Do You Have A Plan?
02/27/17 play Dominatrix winner
09/02/15 play Don't Come Here To Live
09/28/15 play Fashion winner
11/06/16 play Forty Three Hours winner
08/04/16 play Good Luck Charm
12/10/14 play Grim Reality
12/27/16 play High School Safety Pin Parade winner
06/18/15 play It's Not Over
10/09/15 play Leave My Brother Alone winner
09/21/19 play Liquid Starshine winner
02/20/15 play Lost Weekend
04/05/20 play Love In The Time Of
12/23/15 play Meat Grinder
08/09/15 play No Good Can Come Of This winner
07/26/15 play No Rush
04/25/17 play Ocean of Blood
04/18/16 play Praying Mantis
02/29/16 play Seems Like A Little Too Much
03/09/19 play Silent Advance winner
10/15/16 play Super Creepy winner
11/01/15 play The Rat Brain
12/02/15 play The War On
01/05/15 play Three Stars
08/30/16 play Turn Off Your TV
05/01/15 play Unsubscribe
02/07/18 play Until It Happens To You
05/13/15 play Watching the Riot
03/24/16 play Whiskey Drinker

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37 entries, 14 wins = 37.84 percent.

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