The Frontalittle Squad
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"It's like I am hella old batman from Dark Knight and you guys are all the guttersnipe gangsters in issue 2 or 3 who put Sons Of The Bat facepaint on and chop hands off of shoplifters!" --MC Frontalot

08/25/03 play Space Cadet
09/02/03 play Accelerator
09/15/03 play Step Up
09/26/03 play Happy Machine Ankle
10/21/03 play Foam Rubber
11/03/03 play Toronto Star
12/19/03 play Merry Christmas winner
01/12/04 play Martians are Going to Eat Us
02/06/04 play Goodbye Monster winner
04/05/04 play Zombie Son winner
08/16/04 play Chainsaw winner
01/24/05 play Ninja Gang winner
06/28/05 play Jalopy winner
05/29/06 play Saving Throw winner
12/06/13 play Art Bomb
09/04/14 play What Anna Can See
03/09/20 play Four Corners

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17 entries, 7 wins = 41.18 percent.