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Atlanta, GA
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FLVXXVM FLORVM formed around duo of Ben E. Kinkavellum (vocals) and Legless Bill Tubbs (bass, guitar), who have been performing together in various bands for over 20 years. The band reached its current lineup when lead guitarist G. "Wompus" Bizelle, formerly of the Chosen Assholes of Satan, joined in 1990. All members of the band are suspected of actually being Jeff Robertson (pictured).

12/03/07 play 501
09/14/07 play A Friendly Reminder
08/25/06 play All Tan
06/28/09 play Amsterdam
12/06/13 play Art Bomb
08/31/09 play Back to the Well
03/08/06 play Butterfly Massacre
08/16/13 play Come and Take It
09/15/06 play Control Yourself
02/01/07 play Convalescence
03/07/07 play Couldn't Have Been Worse
02/22/12 play Cut It Out
01/25/08 play Cute Boots
06/07/10 play Dana Wears Dresses
09/02/15 play Don't Come Here To Live
01/20/06 play Don't Think I Don't Miss You
03/02/10 play Double Take
05/01/10 play Down For A While
01/20/16 play Drop In The Bucket
07/31/09 play Dry Spell
10/01/08 play Everybody Calm Down
11/17/10 play Future on the Road
02/12/07 play Get A Life
08/04/16 play Good Luck Charm
10/21/15 play Hot Mess
05/30/08 play How Beautiful She Is
09/24/07 play How Much Will You Give Me?
04/03/06 play I Don't Want to be your Friend
06/09/08 play I'm Outstanding
07/15/08 play In the Valley
09/03/08 play Interesting Times
05/25/10 play Jewel of India
06/22/07 play Late To A Funeral
11/18/05 play Leaf Blower
02/08/10 play Let's Get Bloody
08/08/08 play Mediocre Savior
01/15/08 play Mobile Home House Party
12/16/05 play Mountain Home
11/30/14 play No Take Backs
10/09/14 play No Vacancy
03/17/06 play Nothing Day
11/28/05 play Other Places I Have Lived
09/18/08 play Paper Thin
01/17/07 play Pink Ribbon
12/21/13 play Precipitation
05/14/08 play Robot Candidate
03/17/10 play Robot Ninja Zombie Bear
08/02/13 play Royal Baby
09/23/14 play September
11/15/09 play She Already Knows
07/27/07 play So Weird
06/06/07 play The Sugar Shaker
12/29/10 play Susan
08/20/07 play Thank God for Memphis
01/06/14 play The Quiet Storm
11/01/15 play The Rat Brain
01/19/08 play They Control the Weather
02/28/07 play tw3rp
06/28/11 play Under Over
06/20/08 play Walking The Border
09/17/10 play We Do All The Style
02/20/09 play We Keep Them Alive
09/27/06 play You Get The Wiser
11/26/09 play Your New Dress

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