Long Island, New York
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Half man, half machine. Built from the finest imported titanium, designed to fight tigers in the frozen wilderness of Iceland. Now he's out of work, down on his luck, and ready to rock. Guy and guitar indie folkcore has a new hero.

06/16/03 play Birthdays And Breakups
07/07/03 play A Variation On Two
07/28/03 play Unless I Change My Mind
08/06/03 play Bad Attraction
09/12/03 play Thunder Storm
09/15/03 play Step Up
10/06/03 play Bullseye Girl
10/21/03 play Stand In The Circle
12/29/03 play Friendly Fire
01/23/04 play Brown Boxes
02/06/04 play Back From Brazil
04/05/04 play Zombie Son
04/27/04 play Fight the Sea
06/07/04 play Say the Word
08/16/04 play Gin or Ginseng
09/13/04 play Hero Points
12/31/04 play The Pawnbroker's Stepdaughter
01/10/05 play Things To Do In New York
02/28/05 play God Will Give You Blood to Drink
03/15/05 play Me the Merciless
09/28/05 play Prayer for Pancakes winner
04/03/06 play Up All Night
04/14/06 play If I Were Italian
01/17/07 play Pink Ribbon
02/19/07 play House of Hodgman
02/29/08 play Ark of Philadelphia

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