Dedham, Massachusetts
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The aim of Evermind's music is to inspire emotion or to bring reminders of things we have suppressed or forgotten about. He also believes in keeping his musical style fresh and unpredictable, and is always trying to break musical habits. Evermind is currently a student at the Art Institute of New England in Brookline, MA. Suggested downloads: Thunderstorm, Unless I Change My Mind

Note: Evermind is an on-and-off songfighter due to time issues.

06/30/04 play A Spring of Teal
09/02/03 play Accelerator
08/06/03 play Bad Attraction
07/14/03 play Gonna Be Your Man
11/17/03 play Please Don't Call Me Ken
10/21/03 play Stand In The Circle
09/12/03 play Thunder Storm
07/28/03 play Unless I Change My Mind

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