Vernon, New Jersey
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10/28/03 play Driving
11/03/03 play More Than Soup
11/10/03 play Violet Wants It Her Way
11/17/03 play Feathers
11/25/03 play I Don't Believe You
12/02/03 play Cosmic Confirmation
12/12/03 play Soft Orange Glow
12/19/03 play Tomorrow's Almost Over
01/05/04 play Troublemaker
01/23/04 play Brown Boxes
02/06/04 play Goodbye Monster
02/20/04 play That's Not What I Need
02/27/04 play I Want To Get Better
03/29/04 play Nicely Toasted
04/05/04 play The Spirit World
04/12/04 play Lucky Man
04/20/04 play Gettin' All Sweaty
05/04/04 play Talk About Your Feelings
05/12/04 play There Are So Many Possibilities
07/09/04 play Let It Be
07/16/04 play WTF
09/06/04 play Big Disco
09/27/04 play Chaos vs. Order
01/24/05 play Fell Out of the Sky
02/14/05 play Hollywood Fantasy
02/21/05 play Shut Up and Sit Down
06/13/05 play What's in it for Me?
06/21/05 play Happy Life
09/23/05 play I'm Having Trouble Concentrating
11/18/05 play How Do You Like the Colors?
02/06/06 play She Gave Up
09/15/06 play Control Yourself
02/08/08 play Why So Serious?

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