Carol Cleveland Sings
West Grove, Pennsylvania
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Carol Cleveland Sings produces a unique brand of Neo-Psychedelic Casiocore, with traces of Civil War-Era Lo-Fi Alt-Vaudeville while attaining a strict Post-Electro-Baroque-Pop background.

11/25/04 play ABCD Puppies
02/06/04 play Back From Brazil
09/06/04 play Big Disco
12/20/04 play Block City
01/23/04 play Brown Boxes
10/25/05 play Clip Art
08/30/04 play Cold Sweat
01/12/04 play Direct to Helmet winner
01/24/05 play Fell Out of the Sky
01/23/04 play Fire Bomb
02/27/04 play I Want To Get Better
08/23/04 play I'm With Steve Now
08/16/04 play Jimmy Hat winner
06/26/06 play Kim Deal winner
03/08/04 play Lizard Wizard
12/19/03 play Merry Christmas
07/09/04 play Paperback Writer
01/05/04 play Race To Seven
12/31/04 play Run Faster winner
05/28/04 play So Kind Stacey
06/30/04 play Texas
06/14/04 play Thanks for Coming
06/23/04 play The Chair We Share

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