Boston, MA
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Specializing in rocking out and putting foot in mouth.

12/31/04 play Run Faster
01/17/05 play I Wish I Was So Sure
01/24/05 play Ninja Gang
01/31/05 play When it Snowed
02/28/05 play God Will Give You Blood to Drink
03/15/05 play Me the Merciless winner
04/15/05 play Die For Me winner
05/09/05 play Looking Good in Hand-Me-Downs
05/16/05 play Mad City winner
05/23/05 play Courage
08/01/05 play Method of Delivery winner
11/28/05 play We All Need Love
06/26/06 play Jesus On The Intercom winner
07/12/07 play Ottoman winner
12/24/07 play I Want To Get On It
01/15/08 play Mr. Sandwich
02/15/08 play Tomato
07/26/08 play Cryptic Comment
08/08/08 play Mediocre Savior
10/11/08 play In The Tank
04/16/09 play Sold Out
10/01/09 play Ring them Bells
01/06/10 play Crush
06/29/15 play Be What You Want

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24 entries, 6 wins = 25 percent.

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