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Milton Keynes, England

12/23/05 play We Have the Technology
01/20/06 play Too Far Away
01/20/06 play Don't Think I Don't Miss You
01/28/06 play Galaxies Floating on a Dark Matter Stream
02/06/06 play She Gave Up
02/06/06 play We Are Perfect In Our Dreams
02/06/06 play Crack In My Heart
02/13/06 play April Morning, With a Peach
02/20/06 play S____ Rock
02/28/06 play Don't You
03/08/06 play Clouds Were Touching the Ground
03/17/06 play Nothing Day winner
03/24/06 play Capsaicin
04/03/06 play Up All Night
04/14/06 play Applesauce Baptism
04/21/06 play It Never Happened
04/30/06 play Rate of Decay
05/29/06 play Saving Throw
06/09/06 play Stairway to the Moon
06/26/06 play Jesus On The Intercom
07/07/06 play Influential Film
07/18/06 play Late for Babies
07/28/06 play Switch Hitter
07/28/06 play High Time
08/14/06 play Rhymes With Lucia
08/25/06 play All Tan
09/04/06 play Ignorance Is Bliss

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