#04: "No Help At All"

(Cover art by PigfarmerJr)

don't suck
Non-mandatory Inspiration Prompt:
Personification: Write from the perspective of an inanimate object.
Due Date:
11:59 pm PT, Oct 16, 2022
Blue Lang Memorial Guest Reviewers:
mo, PigfarmerJr, Nancy Rost, Mike Skliar
One (1) Epiphone Les Paul SL Ebony guitar in like new condition (only played twice with plastic still on the pickguard and the original shitty strings.)
One (1) Sonic Research Turbo Tuner ST-200 guitar strobe tuner (used a lot both at home and at gigs and then put in a drawer for more than five years.) The tuner runs off of 9 volt power supply (not included) and will not take a battery.
One of those plectrum punches where you take plastic like credit cards etc and turn 'em into picks