Ross Durand
Orange, CA
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An award-winning singer-songwriter in the post-Dylan tradition, Ross likes to write topical and thoughtful songs whenever possible and enjoys how Songfight! helps him stretch his songwriting chops.

You can also hear Ross at the Nur Ein competition.

02/28/05 play Gallows Hill
03/09/05 play Man Speaking German
03/15/05 play Devils Live In A Quiet Pond
03/25/05 play Systematic Panic
04/01/05 play Man Date winner
04/08/05 play Ancient
04/15/05 play Saint Peter
04/25/05 play Baseball Vs. Opera
05/02/05 play Brand New Car
05/09/05 play Looking Good in Hand-Me-Downs
05/16/05 play Mad City
05/23/05 play Season Finale
05/30/05 play I'm Not Impressed
06/06/05 play Satisfaction
07/13/05 play Pink Skirt
07/21/05 play Obey All The Laws
07/29/05 play One Less
08/22/05 play Come a Hellin'
09/16/05 play I'm Going Away for a While
10/07/05 play Boundaries
10/14/05 play Dead Nose
11/11/05 play Evan Is Getting His Teeth
12/09/05 play Fresh Dog
12/23/05 play We Have the Technology
02/06/06 play She Gave Up
02/28/06 play Oversleeping
04/14/06 play Applesauce Baptism
05/18/06 play Am I Forgiven
06/09/06 play Half-Hearted Stab
07/28/06 play Blank Stare
07/28/06 play Onomatopoeia
08/25/06 play All Tan
09/04/06 play Ignorance Is Bliss
09/15/06 play Control Yourself
10/16/06 play Outside Paradise
10/25/06 play Plastic Rose
12/20/06 play The Shelton With Sunspots
12/29/06 play It Belongs To Me
01/09/07 play A Woman On Paper
02/01/07 play Convalescence
02/12/07 play Get A Life
02/19/07 play House of Hodgman
02/28/07 play tw3rp
03/07/07 play Couldn't Have Been Worse
03/30/07 play King Me
04/09/07 play Ten Lies
04/23/07 play Clause 5, Sub-Paragraph d)
05/02/07 play Evil April
07/02/07 play That's What She Said
08/20/07 play Thank God for Memphis
09/04/07 play History of My Broken Heart
09/14/07 play A Friendly Reminder
09/24/07 play How Much Will You Give Me?
10/26/07 play Night Terrors
11/06/07 play Maki
11/23/07 play And Counting
12/03/07 play 501
01/07/08 play The Last Year
01/15/08 play Mr. Sandwich
01/19/08 play They Control the Weather
02/08/08 play Ease Up On The Drugs
02/15/08 play Tomato
03/11/08 play Purple Tongue
03/21/08 play Client No. 9
04/14/08 play God's Thumb
04/23/08 play Morning on Bourbon
09/18/08 play Paper Thin
10/11/08 play In The Tank
10/22/08 play Shoelace Soup
11/14/08 play Hollywood Wax
11/24/08 play City in Fog
12/05/08 play Rattlesnake
01/01/09 play Diggin' Out
01/12/09 play Elegy for Industry
02/09/09 play Come Down Where You Ought To Be
02/20/09 play We Keep Them Alive
03/03/09 play Green Eleven
03/14/09 play Thinkin' about the Old Days
03/26/09 play Back From Juvie
06/28/09 play Amsterdam
08/10/09 play 9/11 Was An Inside Job
08/20/09 play Nothing is Everything
08/31/09 play Back to the Well
09/11/09 play Sometimes It's Hard to Keep Yourself Moving
09/21/09 play Made to be Played
10/01/09 play Ring them Bells
10/15/09 play Monkeys on my Back
12/24/09 play Frostbite
01/06/10 play Crush
01/18/10 play Keep All Your Promises
01/28/10 play The Road to Hana
02/08/10 play Let's Get Bloody
02/18/10 play Please Stop
03/02/10 play Double Take
04/20/10 play Ease Your Storm
05/14/10 play What Kind of Love Are You Looking For
06/19/10 play Dirt Nap
08/16/10 play The Middle Part
08/26/10 play When Did You Know winner
09/17/10 play We Do All The Style
09/30/10 play You Believed it Yourself
10/29/10 play After Hours winner
12/29/10 play Susan
02/22/11 play Favourite Lego Bricks (Look At The Beach)
06/28/11 play Under Over
07/26/11 play Circle Me
08/22/11 play Ashes
10/12/11 play Out of a Hat
11/02/11 play Occupy My Heart
11/29/11 play That's Enough
12/09/11 play In Time of Crisis
12/23/11 play Better Than Before
01/09/12 play A Conversation
01/20/12 play Where You Can Go
02/11/12 play Right There At The Edge
02/22/12 play Cut It Out
03/07/12 play Push It
03/18/12 play It Always Gets Better
04/01/12 play All Kinds of Sorrow
01/01/13 play A Map For Your Wall
01/18/13 play Our Plans are on Hold
01/31/13 play Canadian Girlfriend
02/12/13 play Starting A Witch Hunt
10/22/13 play Red Thief
12/06/13 play Art Bomb
03/26/14 play Drunk Season
04/16/14 play Strangers
02/20/15 play Lost Weekend
03/14/15 play Fever Dream
10/26/16 play Race To The Bottom
11/06/16 play Forty Three Hours
01/07/17 play Dad Joke

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