Seattle, Washington
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"Octothorpe's take on 'It's A Shame My Binoculars Don't Work At Night' sounds like it's performed by Kermit The Frog driven to severe psychological disassociation from years of fronting a death-metal band." -Spin Magazine

05/28/01 play Been To China winner
06/05/01 play A Thousand Swords
06/12/01 play Tracks For Future Practice
06/20/01 play I Can See You
06/28/01 play Do It For Captain
07/06/01 play Red Robot
07/11/01 play Watch Your Face
07/19/01 play Do The Math
07/27/01 play Birds Of Our Own
08/02/01 play Down To The Atom
08/11/01 play Tiny Room
08/17/01 play Firecrackers
08/25/01 play Is It Cold?
09/01/01 play Video Night
09/06/01 play Alright Alright
09/18/01 play Highway
09/25/01 play That's The Spirit
10/09/01 play Skyline
10/17/01 play Snow Globe
10/23/01 play It's A Shame My Binoculars Don't Work At Night
10/30/01 play Acid Mouth
11/08/01 play Adaptation
11/15/01 play My Sister
11/23/01 play Indie Rock Bottom
11/30/01 play Experimental Fashion
01/04/02 play Secrets
01/28/02 play Floating Bridge
02/01/02 play Rot To Fill
02/19/02 play On My Block
02/25/02 play Hotel
03/05/02 play Top Drawer
03/08/02 play World Of Screens
03/15/02 play Grandfather Sword
04/01/02 play Bad Dreams
04/24/02 play Poison Pill
07/12/02 play Criminal Charges winner
07/29/02 play Funny Enough For You
08/12/02 play Back To The Airplanes
12/02/02 play Totally Digging Your Mom
02/13/03 play Dinner For One
03/12/03 play I Think It's Killing Me
04/09/03 play Death Plunge
05/23/03 play Too Goth To Rock
05/30/03 play The Blue Signal
06/06/03 play Level Best
07/28/03 play Unless I Change My Mind
08/06/03 play Bad Attraction
08/18/03 play What We Need More Of Is Science
09/02/03 play Accelerator
09/15/03 play Step Up winner
09/26/03 play Happy Machine Ankle
10/06/03 play Bullseye Girl
12/19/03 play Merry Christmas
01/30/04 play Crinkle Binkle
02/06/04 play Goodbye Monster
02/20/04 play That's Not What I Need
03/08/04 play Blueberry Hassle
03/15/04 play Across the Dusty Plains
03/22/04 play Danger Bus
04/05/04 play Zombie Son
05/04/04 play Mission Accomplished
06/23/04 play Please the Pig
08/16/04 play Jimmy Hat
09/13/04 play Cur
01/31/05 play Glass Eye
03/09/05 play Turn the Power On
09/09/05 play Sign My Box winner
09/16/05 play Fax Machine winner
09/27/05 play Attack of the Show
02/20/06 play The Elements of Style
11/22/06 play Livin' At The Corner Of Dude And Catastrophe
12/01/06 play Glutton
12/03/07 play 501 winner
06/20/08 play Walking The Border
09/18/08 play Paper Thin
10/01/08 play Everybody Calm Down
03/14/09 play The Proposal
07/20/09 play They Meet
01/06/10 play Crush
03/24/16 play Whiskey Drinker

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80 entries, 6 wins = 7.5 percent.

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