MC Eric B
Fountain Valley, CA
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My songs are mostly nerdcore, which is an amateur, geeky version of hip-hop music. I am 38 years old, married, and run over 400 websites including You can listen to all of my songs for free at

12/29/06 play It Belongs To Me
01/09/07 play A Woman On Paper
01/17/07 play Pink Ribbon
02/01/07 play Convalescence
02/12/07 play Get A Life
03/07/07 play Couldn't Have Been Worse
03/16/07 play Gray Rainbow
03/30/07 play King Me
04/09/07 play Ten Lies
04/23/07 play Clause 5, Sub-Paragraph d)
05/02/07 play Evil April
05/11/07 play Ran Away to Paris
05/22/07 play We Were Not Meant to Be
06/06/07 play The Sugar Shaker
08/20/07 play Thank God for Memphis
09/04/07 play History of My Broken Heart
09/14/07 play A Friendly Reminder
09/24/07 play How Much Will You Give Me?
10/04/07 play My Darling Ruin
10/26/07 play Night Terrors
11/23/07 play And Counting
12/03/07 play 501
12/24/07 play Credible Threat
01/07/08 play With A Bang
02/15/08 play Half Empty/Half Full
02/29/08 play Ark of Philadelphia
04/14/08 play God's Thumb
05/30/08 play How Beautiful She Is
06/20/08 play Walking The Border
07/02/08 play All We Could See at the Window
07/15/08 play In the Valley
09/03/08 play Interesting Times
10/01/08 play Everybody Calm Down
10/11/08 play In The Tank
10/29/08 play A Scary Thing
11/24/08 play City in Fog

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