DJ Ranger Den

08/26/10 play When Did You Know
03/21/11 play Vest Factory winner
04/16/11 play Cloud-Cuckoo-Land
04/29/11 play If I Had One
05/12/11 play Who Said I'm Dead
06/15/11 play Isle Dauphine
07/26/11 play Circle Me
11/02/11 play Occupy My Heart
11/13/11 play the last afternoon of a woman he only thought he knew
02/11/12 play Right There At The Edge
06/02/12 play Be Careful With That
10/02/12 play Verge of Tears
01/01/13 play A Map For Your Wall
01/18/13 play Our Plans are on Hold
01/31/13 play Canadian Girlfriend
02/12/13 play Starting A Witch Hunt
02/26/13 play Dodged a Bullet
03/12/13 play Make the First Move
03/23/13 play Happy to Be Here
04/04/13 play Commitment and Sacrifice
08/16/13 play Come and Take It
12/06/13 play Art Bomb
01/22/14 play Her winner
08/09/15 play No Good Can Come Of This

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24 entries, 2 wins = 8.33 percent.