Billy's Little Trip
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Alternative music with a classic rock flare

11/14/06 play Wedding Song winner
12/12/06 play Georgia's Hand
12/20/06 play The Shelton With Sunspots
01/09/07 play A Woman On Paper
02/01/07 play Convalescence
02/12/07 play Get A Life
02/19/07 play House of Hodgman
02/28/07 play tw3rp
03/07/07 play Couldn't Have Been Worse
03/16/07 play Gray Rainbow
03/30/07 play King Me
04/09/07 play Ten Lies
07/27/07 play So Weird
08/20/07 play Thank God for Memphis
09/24/07 play How Much Will You Give Me? winner
07/02/08 play All We Could See at the Window
10/01/08 play Everybody Calm Down
10/22/08 play Shoelace Soup
11/05/08 play Stomach For It
01/01/09 play Diggin' Out
11/15/09 play She Already Knows
10/20/10 play Crashing Cars, Awarding Stars

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22 entries, 2 wins = 9.09 percent.

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