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The Password Is ______
miscellaneous owl knows what the password is and used it to win!
five years ago
Three Stars
winner: State Shirt
ten years ago
winner: Deja Vu featuring Vertigo
fifteen years ago
Things To Do In New York
winner: Fifteen Years
Hope You're Okay
winner: Points for Trying
song news
New frankie big face Album!
frankie big face has release his new album "1+1=0" to all your favorite digital outlets. Check it out!
Song Fight! Live 2019 Rocked!
Last weekend many folks gathered for a fantastic Song Fight! Live 2019 in Madison, WI. Huge thanks to local hosts Owl, Micah, and Grumpy Mike for all the hard work they all put in. Everything went really well, everybody played excellent sets, and had a wonderful time. Congrats to Micah on winning the live fight! See the boards for more info.
Glenn Case Releases New Album!
Glenn Case has released his fifth album so far this year. This time he's recorded a collection of covers by long time favorite Song Fight! participant 15-16puzzle. Check it out!
Vowl Sounds win Nur Ein XIV!
Vowl Sounds have emerged victorious! The 14th iteration of the songwriting tournament Nur Ein is over and we have a new first time Nur Ein, Vowl Sounds. Find out more on the boards!
New MC Frontalot Album!
Song Fight's prodigal son and legendary nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot has a brand new album, out today! Go buy it here on BandCamp and listen to it on streaming services and tell all your friends about it!
Rest In Peace, Brother Machine
In some very sad news, Seth Gibbs, aka Brother Machine, super talented Song Fighter of "old times" 2003-2004 passed away recently. He was a great songwriter and musician who participated online as well as in real life at several live events including Song Fight! Live 2004 in Austin, TX. You can watch his set from that show on Glenn Case's YouTube channel and see Seth invite folks up to accompany him spontaneously to great effect. We'll be covering some of his songs in a tribute, check the boards for more details.
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