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Revision History:
8/21/2003 v1.0 original release

8/24/2003 v1.1 capture mask and instructions added
8/25/2003 v1.2 object rotation, scaling, mirroring added

9/02/2003 v1.21 brad character added
9/03/2003 v1.22 yook character added
9/06/2003 v1.23 worm character added
9/09/2003 v1.3 text can now be scaled
9/09/2003 v1.31 line to connect text to characters added
10/25/2003 v1.32 mo and damian characters added
11/04/2003 v1.33 mo bug and text scaling bug fixed
09/23/2005 v1.4 fboy, pfm, gleen, soda characters added
10/02/2005 v1.41 mad dog character added
10/03/2005 v1.42 limited fboy and text size bug fixed
10/22/2007 v1.5 unfunny comic browser rewritten in php