The Festivities Have Begun

Naked Philosophy is in the house - the practice sessions have begun! The bar is open.

Live Fight Title Announced

"Strickly Speaking"

Anyone who wants to participate should be ready to debut their "Strickly Speaking" at midnight Saturday night. Schedule will be randomly drawn.

Bowling Expedition Scheduled

Two lanes have been reserved for Songfighters at Imperial Lanes, near Octothorpe Studios on Saturday at 1:00 pm. Bring your own shoes and save a few bucks!

Friday Lineup Announced

8:00 roymond
8:30 noah Mclaughlin
9:00 Manhattan Glutton
9:30 Jon Eric
10:00 DJ Ranger Den
10:30 frankie big face
11:00 ADD
11:30 The John Benjamin Band
12:00 Glenn and Rachael
12:30 Pathetic Wannabees

Saturday Lineup Announced

8:00 Merisan
8:30 Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff
9:00 Berkeley Social Scene
9:30 Naked Philosophy
10:00 sockpuppet
10:30 Tokyo Expressway
11:00 Klownhole
11:30 Octothorpe Jam

Venues Booked!

Both venues are now finalized as of today. Sorry for the delay, but I held out for some great places. This is going to be a blast. Both are excellent neighborhood bars with a nice stage, house sound, and best of all, good beer. Now I can move on to the poster, practice spaces, secondary activities, etc. WOOOOOHOOO! Can't wait to see you all!



This is the official website for Song Fight! Beer and Coffee, Seattle, 2012.

Spud will be updating the site by culling information from the SongFight! Boards and posting here.

Bands, send us a square picture and let us know what song of yours you want to represent you on the site!