Love and Haight a Huge Success

Hey, thanks to everyone for coming, for playing, and for watching on the internet if you couldn't come. The venues were very accommodating, and a good time was had by all.

Check the LINKS section for audio, video, and pix.


"Hello My Old Heart"

That's the title for the live fight on Sunday night at Mojito. Get to work! We'll be calling on you to perform your version in pseudo-random order.


Hey, Musical Guest - Spud has a poster for you

I just silkscreened another 38 posters, so if you're playing the show, just ask me for one when you see me. Will also trade poster for beer.


Band Lineups Posted

The band lineups have settled in with a little help from Erin. No complaints or changes in almost a week, so I would say that they are relatively solid. See the Logistics section for the lineups.


Posters Available

While SPUD is busy silkscreening the actual poster, you can download and print your own here.


Hey, we're on Facebook!

here and here! Thanks, Ken.


IMPORTANT: Venue Change

Due to some miscommunication, SoCha is no longer available for the show. However, The Abbey Tavern at 4100 Geary (at 5th Avenue) has stepped up to the plate for the Saturday Night Show, which is no longer exclusively acoustic. See Logistics for more information as it develops.

Thanks to Sam, Erin, and Ken for going over to the Abbey and arranging this.


It's Official

Song Fight is officially ten years old. The first fight, "Golf Punk Drives a Cadillac" is listed as 06/19/00 - 06/25/00 in the Song Fight! Archive.

During that first year, several songfighters who would become perennial players joined the fray: fluffy, add (jefff), Frankie Big Face, The John Benjamin Band, State Shirt, MC Frontalot, Raised by Wolves, Patrick Clayton (later of the Suzies), Brick Pig, Octothorpe, and Balls to Monte, to name a few.

Join many of these old-timers in San Francisco for the festivities this July!


Happy Birthday

First off - a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SongFight!

Just yesterday, I was recounting the awesomeness that is now Song Fight! - explaining to a friend how amazing it is to see a whole community of talent bring life to a such simple idea I had. In fact, you guys have done so much more with it than I ever imagined possible - ongoing live events, multiple concurrent fights, and now 10 years(!!) of music. FREAKING AMAZING.

For me, it's downright touching to witness what SF! has become. It continues to remind me of how ideas ultimately defy ownership, and only truly flourish once everyone can contribute to them.

In case it's useful at all, here's some backstory as I recall it:
Around 2000, Sam Brown and I began experimenting with the idea of making things from 'user-submitted' titles. I turned them into songs and posted the results to narbotic, and Sam made them into pictures for explodingdog (which he currently continues to do). I found the process to be a lot of fun but just a tad lonely - so decided to try getting some fellow bedroom musicians in on the action in the form of a friendly contest, a la SongFight! I was surprised to find many others eager to contribute as well, and began posting entries from anyone willing to give it a go. As time went on, posting new fights in a timely manner proved (regretfully) more than I could handle - and during one particularly lengthy stretch between updates I was delighted to find fighters posting their own independent iteration of concept and well, I suppose you know the rest.

My sincerest thanks and congratulations to you and everyone involved for making all this happen - please, please do keep it up!

Sadly, I'll be prepping for Maker Faire Detroit throughout most of July, so am unable to attend the festivities in SanFran :-/
- but please crank amps in my name!

Colin (narbotic)

PS - Here's hoping my electronics videos come in handy for any DIY-loving fighters out there ;)


This is the official website for Song Fight! 10 Years, San Francisco, 2010.

Spud will be updating the site by culling information from the SongFight! Boards and posting here.

Bands, send us a square picture and let us know what song of yours you want to represent you on the site!